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Titolatrice Broadcast con integrazione dei social network connessa direttamente alla serie Tricaster

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LiveCG Broadcast is a stand-alone 1RU device that gives the ability to display all graphics needed for a high-end professional television production, including fixed and animated titles and logos, crawled or rolled tickers, clocks, countdown, dynamic datas and bitmap sequences. In addition, by using Social Hub software module, LiveCG Broadcast can be connected to social networks account such as Facebook®, Twitter®, Flickr®, or WhatsApp® to broadcast in real time messages as well as SMS.

Each graphic page can now be directly launched from the “Main” menu. It is not limited to the first 15 pages created anymore.
A new dynamic object called "Table", can now be added into pages. Like a "Ticker", it can be linked to an excel spreadsheet and it also allows to select which cell or group of cells the user wants to display into this object. This action eases positioning pictures/logos and data into the page.
“Text” object includes a new tool allowing to link a list of pre-entered texts to the object. Changing the text while live becomes easy, by just selecting the new text with the mouse.
LiveCG Broadcast now supports swf files with dynamic texts capabilities. A new tool in the Composer Page gives the ability to open the list of texts linked to the swf animation and select the desired content while live.


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