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Stato Magazzino: Disponibile

Stato Magazzino: Disponibile.

Introduzione Veloce

Fujinon - Telephoto 2/3 inch ENG lens with 2x range extender, ergonomic digital servo, Quick Zoom, and inner focus

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The XA20sx8.5BRM is a very cost-efficient and there- fore popular HD Professional ENG style 2/3" telephoto lens. With the attractive 20x zoom factor which is renowned for having good value at an offerdable price, it also features overall enhanced quality, plus a fast, quiet and precise servo zoom.
Its ergonomic professional DIGI POWER servo drive unit comes with QuickZoom and the lens has been
Specifications/Lens XA20sx8.5BRM / XA20sx8.5BERM
designed using the newest EBC glass surface coating (Electron Beam Coating), which considerably improves light transmission. The XA20sx8.5BRM lens features a focal length from 8.5 mm up to a maximum of 170 mm with a maximum relative aperture of F1.8 at 8.5 mm to F2.7 at 170 mm, while the XA20sx8.5BERM with
2x extender enhances your shooting range to a focal length of 17–340 mm. The XA20sx8.5BRM/BERM are best suited for demanding professional video productions.
For additional ease of use we have also fitted an ergo- nomically designed professional handgrip offering all the easy-to-use and comfortable functions needed for your successful shootings, such as a maximum zoom speed of only one second.
The Fujinon XA20sx8.5BRM/BERM lenses – the perfect choice for professional High Definition lenses. Fujinon. To see more is to know more.


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Stato magazzino Disponibile
Manufacturer Fujinon

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